How to Set Up Your New Saddle

The perfect saddle will not be perfect with out the proper setup! We want to give you a good angle to begin with based on our experiences with each saddle.

We have found that iphone’s “Level” in their “Measure” feature works well or the Bubble Level app, which you can download here for android or ios

Please note:

  • Your saddle angle can vary dependent upon your handlebar height and reach which is why you will see a range for most of our saddles. Generally speaking, the more “aggressive” your back angle the lower the nose of your saddle will need to be.
  • Small angle changes (.5-1degree) can make significant differences in the comfort of the saddle.
  • Effective saddle height and fore/aft can change significantly dependent upon where you sit on each saddle.
  • The stack height of the saddle (distance from the rails to the top of the saddle) varies among many saddles and will impact seat height.
Fizik Aliante R3 Versus Evo-1.4 to -2.4
Gebiomized Stride-1.0 to -2.5
ISM PL 1.0-6.6 to -7.6
ISM PN 1.1-5.0 to -5.5
ISM PN 3.1-3.4 to -4.8
Origin8 Throne-4.2 to -6.5
Pro Falcon Performance-2.6 to -3.0
Pro Griffon Off-road Performance-2.5 to -2.8
Pro Griffon Performance -2. to -3.0
Pro Griffon Women’s-2.8 to -3.4
Pro Stealth Carbon
Pro Stealth Offroad
Prologo Akero AGX-0.4 to -0.8
Prologo Dimension Space TIROX
Selle Italia Donna Gel Flow
Selle Italia Flite Boost TM Superflow-2.6 to -3.0
Selle Italia Novus Superflow Endurance TM-2.6 to -3.0
Selle Italia SP-01 Boost Superflow-3.8 to -4.4
Terry Butterfly Chromoly-0.6 to -1.2
WTB Pure-1.0 to -1.6

* A negative number denotes the saddle nose is lower than the back. “Nose down”