ISM PN 1.1


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With it’s narrow width and long length the saddle provides athletes a wide range of position and free movement about the saddle as well as optimal hamstring and thigh clearance to make pedaling seem effortless. The PN provides the same shaping as the PN 1.0 but additional padding which works great for many triathletes wearing minimally padded shorts.

  • Rider Type: road cyclist, time trialist or triathlete
  • Saddle Notes: plush cushioning, narrower nose for thigh clearance, 
  • Length: 275mm
  • Width: 110mm
  • Stack Height: 60
  • Shell:  
  • Padding: 40-Series Foam & Gel
  • Rails: Satin Steel
  • Colors: Black

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ISM PN 1.1


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