Frequently Asked Questions

Bike Fit Box is a newer concept to many cyclists and fitness enthusiasts. Because of that we have a great deal of questions about how it works, what all is included and much more. We hope that this section proves to be a great resource for you!

Who is it for?

Bike Fit Box is for cyclists of all kinds and experience levels. Road, gravel, mountain, tri, Peloton, amateur, elite, newbie, or veteran, the benefits of a professional bike fit can be felt by all who enjoy life on two wheels.

Why is it important?

Cycling is a sport that involves repetitive movements and fixed posture over extended periods of time.  A bike fit is crucial to not only aid in the comfort of individuals but to also help reduce the risk of injury that can be caused by poor posture and improper range of motion. 

What does it include?

The Bike Fit box consists of three different service options.

Our Bike Fit box for traditional bikes includes the following: Leomo 3d motion tracking system, I-pad mini, tripod, torque wrench, tri wrench, metric allen keys, Philips screwdriver, seat height marking decals, packaging stickers, return address label and a gift from Bike Fit Box.

Our Bike Fit box for indoor cycles includes the following: Leomo 3d motion tracking system, I-pad mini, tripod, tri wrench, Philips screwdriver, packaging stickers, return address label and a gift from Bike Fit Box.

Bike Fit E-box participants will receive an email with a scheduled appointment time and specifics on camera set up.

Is a bicycle trainer delivered with the traditional bike fit?

Sorry, but a bicycle trainer is not included with the Bike Fit Box shipment. You will need to have your own trainer available to be fit.

What do I need to do to get ready?

The best thing for a proper fitting is the correct setup with adequate lighting.  To get through your fitting in the allotted time it is important that you are ready to go when your fit appointment is ready to start.  This can take up to 20 minutes to prep your area and bike for a proper fitting experience.

To provide a large enough field of view for the camera we need a minimum of 8 feet to see your rider profile as well as 4 feet behind the bike measured from the pedals.

A blank wall helps to make the visual aspect of the fitting easier but it is not a necessity to complete the fitting.

How does it differ from other virtual bike fits?

A Bike Fit Box fitting is a live streamed feed with your bike fit specialist. We utilize a live video feed to provide visual cues to the rider’s posturing and position but we also compliment this information with accurate data from 3 dimensional tracking sensors. 

How is it different from a sizing?

Many athletes have had a sizing done at their LBS. A sizing is a quick 15 minute or less adjustment of the saddle height and possibly fore aft to get the saddle in a reasonable position for either a test ride or the first several weeks of riding to get a feel for what needs to be adjusted. A fit is a more detailed approach that utilizes measurements and posturing of a rider to optimize saddle positioning, cleat placement, cockpit setup as well as the athlete’s history, goals and any past history of injury. With this information a fit specialist uses biomechanical knowledge to properly place a rider in an optimal position.