Why does the proper width saddle still hurt?

Have you visited your LBS and been measured for your saddle width? Did you follow the instructions in our video that walks you through how to measure your sit bone width at home instead? If you have done one of these steps and are still experience numbness or saddle pain it is time to turn that one dimensional saddle width approach into a 3-dimensional perspective!

We have found over the years that saddle width, even though is a great place to begin, does not always determine that your saddle will or will not be the perfect fit for you.

Watch our our video to see what considerations you may need to factor in to find the saddle that you are comfortable on for the long haul!

So, you have watched the video now it is time to assess your saddle!

Is the profile of your saddle flat or does it have more of a hammocked shape?

Do you notice a significant amount of curvature of the saddle or is it a pretty flat saddle from side to side?

Each of these aspects can impact your comfort. Often times, beginning with the curvature of the saddle is a good place to start and you will find that by changing to the other shape may just be the way to resolve your discomfort. Don’t feel that you have to live with pain. You can demo sdaddles from us or even purchase direct from our site!

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