Triathlon Bike Fit Box

The Premier at home fit for any triathlete or time trial specialist!

A bike fit is designed to provide a better cycling experience for athletes of all ability levels and cycling experience levels and backgrounds. Triathlon and TT bikes are great tools for shaving time off of bike splits and with optimal positioning you can fine tune your aerodynamics, improve your power output and find comfort for your specific distance goals.

Adjustments include, but are not limited to: cleat placement, saddle height, saddle fore/aft, handlebar reach, handlebar drop and aerobar configuration.

Triathlon Bike Fit Box is a live streamed meeting with a fit specialist where we can take 3-D recordings in real time as well as allow visual assessment from a live video feed where you can interact with your fit specialist and provide feedback to any changes or adjustments made.

Our traditional bike fit kit will be shipped to your doorstep and includes:

  • 3-D motion capture system *
  • Ipad w/tripod for live video streaming *
  • Bike Fit Box tool kit
  • Charging accessories
  • Adhesive seat height markers
  • Prepaid return label
  • Bike Fit Box swag

*Please note that a Wi-Fi connection is necessary to perform these bicycle fitting processes.