Bicycle Saddle Width

Bicycle Saddle width

Bicycle saddle width is one of the key measurements utilized by many fit specialists and saddle manufacturers. Even though saddle width can range from one manufacturer to the next it is a commonly industry standard that there is a “narrow,” “medium,” and “wide” saddle size available in many models.

Riding style can have a big impact on your saddle width. Generally the more upright your riding posture is the wider your saddle width will be. The more “aggressive” or forward rotated your posture is, the narrower your saddle will be.

Fitness riders tend to benefit with a wider saddle that provides greater support for the ischial tuberosities and a bit softer cushion makes the ride more enjoyable.

Sport riders are a middle ground that can ride a great deal of saddle widths and shapes. This position provides more variety in saddle pressure and therefore a more forgiving experience.

With a greater forward rotation of the pelvis riders in a race position will find that a saddle with a narrow nose is often desired to help decrease chaffing and tendon/muscle pressure.

Riding a triathlon bike, TT bike or very “aggressive” road bike you will find a nose less, snub nose or narrower saddle to be more comfortable for a greater anterior pelvic tilt.