Bicycle Setup




Setting up for your bike Fit

Thank you for scheduling your Bike Fit Box appointment!  We are excited to help you perfect your position but before we get started here are a few things to note:

  • All components should have been mailed to you fully charged, however, mistakes happen and we do recommend you plug them in with the provided charging brick and cables.
  • Please be ready to go at the time of your scheduled appointment.  This not only means to have the bike fit box equipment prepared but to also have your bike ready and your cycling apparel on.
    • Please note: Equipment setup takes approximately 30 minutes.

Leomo Type-S Setup

  1. Turn on the TYPE-S by holding down the power key on the left side of the TYPE-S until it vibrates and turns on. 
  2. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen for PIN, enter the PIN: 1234, then tap the check mark. The home screen appears.

Pair to wifi

  1. From the home screen tap the Settings gear icon in the task bar.
  2. Select Network & internet
  3. Select Wi-Fi
  4. Select your Wi-fi network and enter Password

Connect to Fit Specialist

  1. From the home screen tap the Team Viewer OS icon in the task bar.
  2. Open TeamViewer App 
  3. Once your fit specialist has signed on, activate the Leomo app.

I-pad Setup

  1. Turn on the Ipad by holding down the power button on the top left edge of the tablet until the Apple appears.
  2. Once on press the circle button at the bottom of the Ipad and enter PIN: 123456
  3. In the dock bar at the bottom of the Ipad select the settings icon
  4. Select “Wi-Fi” and wait for the networks to update
  5. Select the desired network you wish to access and enter the password
  6. Press the home button to exit the Settings screen
  7. Open Google Meet app
  8. The Ipad will be logged into a google account where you will see your scheduled appointment.

Leomo Sensor Placement

Attach sensors to designated locations with provide adhesive squares and clips. Please note that sensor placement is important for the precision of your fitting.  For sensor placement please review this video.

  1. LF – left foot
  2. RF – right foot
  3. LT – left thigh
  4. RT – right thigh
  5. S – Sternum


The Process in Action